Card Dispenser Machine For Self Check-in Kiosks!


Our world is in the age of self-service, where efficiency meets convenience at the touch of a button.

In this landscape, card-issuing machines like the F3-9000 are not just devices but gateways to a smoother, more autonomous experience.

Catering to a range of applications—from hotel checking kiosk to parking lots—the F3-9000 stands out as a versatile solution, engineered to meet the demands of various self-service scenarios. The machine supports card collection from the customers and then re-programs the card for a new customer to use.

With this technology, you can turn your business into a modern, IoT-based company offering modern convenience and lifestyle to their customers. So, let’s explore how this innovative machine is redefining self-check-in kiosks, one card at a time!

Design and Functionality

The F3-9000 card issuing machine has a sleek design tailored for high-efficiency environments, with a card stacker that can accommodate up to 80 or 200 standard 0.8mm thickness cards.

What sets this machine apart is its circulatory capability; it not only dispenses cards but also retrieves them from users.

Once collected, it re-initializes these cards, rendering them ready for the next client. This recycling feature ensures a sustainable and cost-effective solution for card management, making it an intelligent choice for businesses looking to streamline their self-service kiosks

Features of the F3-9000 Card Dispenser

The F3-9000 card dispenser is designed to communicate seamlessly via RS-232 protocol.

It boasts contactless RFID capabilities, adhering to the ISO-14443A/B standard, which ensures a fast and secure exchange of information with cards. This machine is crafted with a robust stainless steel channel, guaranteeing a smooth transition of cards without hiccups.

Additionally, the dispenser is equipped with a suite of sensors that meticulously monitor card status, alerting the system to any issues, and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

The machine can accommodate cards with a thickness of 0.76mm, with a tank volume that holds 80 cards for the F3-9080 model and 200 cards for the F3-9200 model. Its compatibility with ISO14443A 13.56MHz RFID cards makes it suitable for a wide range of RFID applications.

Despite its capacity, it remains relatively lightweight at 2.8 kg and compact, with dimensions tailored to the specific model. The dispenser operates across a broad temperature range from -20 to 60 Celsius and maintains functionality in a humidity range of 30-90%, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions.


The F3-9000 model, a circulatory card dispenser, demonstrates its utility across a variety of sectors.

In parking systems, it allows for a seamless transition between customers by issuing and recycling access cards.

Within the hospitality industry, hotels utilize this technology to provide guests with key cards at self-service kiosks, streamlining check-ins and elevating the guest experience. Office buildings leverage their efficiency to manage access control, ensuring a secure environment.

Moreover, its integration into automatic ticketing machines underscores its reliability and the ease with which it can cater to high-volume public transportation systems.

For businesses, these cards represent a shift towards streamlined operations, offering a reliable way to manage access cards with ease. Clients benefit from quicker transactions and an enhanced user experience.


The integration of such innovative technologies is not just an upgrade; it’s a stride toward future-proofing customer interactions. Embracing the F3-9000 in self-service kiosks can revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers, setting a new standard for service efficiency and satisfaction.

Now, the question remains, are we advanced enough to allow self-service kiosks in every business? The answer depends on your outlook on the world!


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