FIFA Coins: The only thing every FIFA player must have


The FIFA series, created by EA games, is one of the most popular football games. Whether you’re an old FIFA player or a newbie, you must be aware of the craze FIFA fans have for the FIFA coins. For those who don’t know, FIFA coins are the virtual currency used to buy things in the FUT mode or the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

The FUT mode allows you to create your own team; from designing their jerseys to selecting their playing style, you control it all. Except that you need coins to buy things to establish your team. This team of yours can then compete against players from all over the world.

Players want to have the best teams that can help them win matches and get more coins as a reward. But to make such strong teams, they need money to train them or buy things for them. Waiting for a long time to get coins can be boring, which is why many players go for the quicker option and purchase coins.

But be aware, if you shift to the newer version of the game in the FIFA series, you will lose your FUT progress as well as FIFA coins. So if you decide to buy FIFA coins, make sure you are not planning to move to the other version of the game.

Can we buy or sell FIFA coins?

The short answer is Yes. However, it is against the game’s terms of use. You must be aware of the screen that asks you to accept the game’s terms and conditions when you newly start playing it. That document contains the rules you must follow in order to play the game. One of the rules mentioned in those terms of use is that the players cannot sell, trade, transfer or exchange the FIFA coins for cash. If you get caught disobeying the terms of use, EA has the right to ban you or reset your game progress. So if you decide to buy or sell FIFA coins, make sure to do it with precaution.

It is not unlawful but still against the game’s rules. It is unfair to the players who put in the effort to earn coins the right way. You can earn the coins rightfully by playing matches in the FUT, completing squad building challenges or selling your items or players in the Transfer Market. Additionally, there are three ways that the game allows to buy points:

  1. Through the Fifa Ultimate Team store
  2. From the player’s console’s store
  3. From trusted retailers

Any other way of earning points or coins is not allowed in the game. These methods include coin distribution, transferring coins from one account to the other or funnelling the coins.

However, if you plan to buy or sell your FIFA coins, you can do it by using one of the different approaches available to buy FIFA coins. In such cases, make sure that the other person is reliable. Do not share any personal details or your gaming account’s credentials. Before any decision, make sure to get all the information and double-check everything.


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