What to Expect When You Buy a Certified Lightning Cable Online


Are you looking for lightning cables for your Apple device? Worry not because you can now purchase a certified lightning cable online from reliable stores like the ugreen store. However, the challenge with purchasing lightning cables online is authenticity. If you buy from just any brand, you are in for a big surprise. You deserve something that gives you value for money; that’s why you need a functional Ugreen cable. So, what are the qualities you should look out for to ensure you get the best cables?

What you get when you purchase a certified lightning cable online

Every Apple phone owner expects to buy a cable that will serve them as they expect. While this is easy to achieve, you can easily get frustrated if you don’t know the best cable brands to settle on. If you go for the best, here are things to expect from your certified lightning cable.

Authentic packaging

One of the first things to help you identify a certified lightning cable is the packaging. An authentically certified lightning cable should have the MFI badge on its packaging. The packaging will tell you a lot about the product, like where it was manufactured and its serial number for authentication.

The MFI certification badge

Perhaps the only 100% way you can tell if an accessory is authentically certified is by checking for the MFI badge. The badge indicates that the product is certified and safe for your device. More often than not, the badge is usually found on different parts of the packaging. There are two versions of the MFI badge. Whether it is the old or latest version, the only thing that matters is whether it is present or not. Note that the badge may also be on the accessory. Therefore, if you do not find it on the packaging, check for it on the cable.

Check out the connectors and laser etchings

You can also identify a certified lightning cable by checking the connectors and laser etching. The easiest way to tell these elements apart is by comparing images. You can search the internet for images of certified lightning cables and look out for differences in the connectors. Do the same for the laser etchings. If there are even the slightest differences, the product is counterfeit.

Read the reviews

Sometimes the counterfeiters do too good of a job that you cannot tell if the product is counterfeit by just looking at it. Some go to the extent of faking the MFI badge. In such cases, the reviews are the best way to tell the products apart from the original ones. Online reviews of the product will give you a clear look at what you can expect and how it works. Poor reviews are a clear indication of a counterfeit product.

Final words

Using a counterfeit uncertified lightning cable could cause your Apple device to get damaged. The cable also may not last long. It may suffer issues like its connector end falling off, getting extremely hot, and breaking. Buy a certified lightning cable from Ugreen and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.


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