4 things to consider before buying a smartwatch


The market does not stop offering more and better options in terms of smartwatches. Their designs, functions, and prices, make users think about things to consider before buying one. The smart watch for android, for example, is one of those with more versions and designs, such as the Honor Watch ES, among other models and brands.

Smartwatches are electronic devices that belong to the “wearables” category because in addition to providing many functions, they can also be worn as an accessory.

When there are so many options and functions, it is more difficult to consider before buying a smartwatch for Android or for any of the operating systems and brands on the market. However, there are basic and very important details to check before buying it.

Operating System

The operating system is a very important feature to check before buying a smartwatch because it will determine how many things the device will be able to do.

Not all operating systems have the same functions and do not have the same applications or compatibility. As they are generally synchronized with the cell phone, the idea is to buy one with the same system.

Probably the smartwatches for Android are the ones that have more models and brands in the market, such as the Honor Watch ES, as well as Samsung, Xiaomi, among many others. This operating system was developed by Google.

There are also smartwatches with Apple’s operating system based on iOS. In addition to the Siri assistant, it is possible to synchronize it with iPhone and AirPods.


In addition to working on their functions and applications, large companies have been concerned with creating smartwatches with designs that are not only visually very pleasing but also comfortable to wear.

Since the appearance of the first smartwatch, this device has been evolving in terms of its design. Today it is possible to find several models in the form of a sphere, similar to traditional watches; as well as squares and rectangular-shaped ones such as the Honor Watch ES.

Users can choose their smartwatches according to the size and shape of the screen, as well as the type of strap. Even the straps are interchangeable, as they come in different colors and designs.


One of the things to consider before buying a smartwatch is the screen. Details like size, light quality, and resolution are very important so that you can have a better image on this device.

You still get smartwatches as analog displays that retain the classic style of the watch. However, other technologies have also been incorporated, such as TFT and LCD displays.

LED or AMOLED screens, such as those used in the Honor Watch ES, are the most popular because although the colors are not as bright, they are more comfortable to see when the user is exposed to sunlight.


Reviewing the charging methods of smartwatches is very important since the battery depends on how long you can use this device.

Like any device, the smartwatch for Android or for any operating system will last depending on how long you use it.

The HONOR Watch ES, for example, offers up to 10 days of battery life, however, not all devices have a battery of this duration.

In addition to battery life, charging methods can vary. Some smartwatches use wireless charging, others charge via a USB cable, and others through a touch base.

Buying a smartwatch will depend on the tastes and needs of the user, however, the 4 details we have described above are the most basic ones that will help you make the best decision.


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