Pointers On Making Your Hot Tub Energy Efficient


Many people want to get hot tubs but are afraid of the amount of money they will spend on electric bills. Since the tub uses electricity for most of its functions, you will notice the difference in your bill. For this reason, many people are trying to figure out if there is a way to have energy-efficient spas. If you have been wondering about the same thing, worry no more. Here are a couple of energy-saving tips for your spa.

1. Get a full foam insulation hot tub

One of the ways you end up spending a lot of money on electricity bills is if your tub is not fully insulated. Many of the cheaper brands come with no insulation, which means the heat from the water will keep escaping. In order for the water to stay at the set temperature, your electricity will keep heating it, and in the long run, this translates to a higher electric bill. An insulated tub can retain the heat for longer, which means the heater won’t work all through. It will go to great lengths to cut down on electric costs.

2. Get a heat-retaining cover

If your tub comes with no cover, then it is recommended you get one for it. Keeping the water clean when you are not using it also helps ensure that you do not have to heat the water each time you need to use it.  The cover will help ensure the water temperature stays the same, and you can always get back in without reheating it. Before you get a cover, ensure that it serves the purpose of heat retention first.

3. Carry out maintenance regularly

One of the reasons your tub might be using a lot of electricity lately is because it is faulty. The pump or heater might be faulty, and you have no idea. Before you replace your tub, ensure you carry out a maintenance check on it. Get a professional to look at it and see if something is broken that needs fixing or replacing. If your pump or heater is not in good working condition, you will end up with higher bills. Always ensure you have your tub checked out regularly to present such issues.

4. You set your water temperature too high

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when using your heater is setting the temperature too high. Apart from you getting scalded by the water, you will get a higher bill. Set the temperature at around 100F as that is warm enough for you. If you are not using the tub, lower the temperature so that the water stays warm but doesn’t use up a lot of electricity.


Energy efficiency in hot tubs is achievable if you are conscious of the decisions you make. Ensure you get a quality tub that has insulation, as that is the first and most important step. Once you have a good tub, all you need to do is ensure you are using it well to avoid getting a high electric bill.

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